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Learning for the 21st Century

Global Goals

Windhill21 School Goes Global

Always internationally-minded, Windhill21 School are constantly looking for opportunities to reach out and understand the needs of the world. It was in this quest that they stumbled upon the 17 Global Goals and realised that they underpinned everything Windhill21 stands for and what they do. It was not long until they undertook the challenge of becoming Changemakers; they could see that each one of the school community individually and collectively could make a difference. Assemblies were held, and soon a Goalkeeper club was formed. Their first mission was reducing the use of plastics - global goals 14 and 15. Collectively, they embarked on a journey to understand the issues; found a voice and pledged to actively make a difference. This resulted in the school changing their habits: 

1. Now they have banned disposable water bottles. 

2. Now they serve milk in the children’s cups at school, thus eliminating the use of plastic straws and the packaging of the milk cartons. 

3. After a meeting with our catering company, they have reduced the plastic used and eliminated the use of all disposable plates and cutlery. 

4. (From September 2019) Meat Free Mondays: According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the livestock sector is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global” The FAO estimates that livestock production is responsible for 14.5 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, while other organisations have estimated it could be as much as 51 per cent. Meat Free Monday is simple, effective and fun way to become more responsible global citizens. It’s about coming together as a school community to help the planet and promote healthy food. This issue cannot be ignored and was suggested by pupils in school when we held our Pupil Forum session on Climate Change. Herts Catering will be supporting this initiative after half term. More news to follow….

The impact of the initiative was celebrated in our outstanding Ofsted Report.

The Windhill21 curriculum is now fully linked to the 17 Global Goals and the children’s awareness has been sharply raised to the point where the pupils proffer their ideas and information about global awareness to staff; it is a two-way street! The spring term culminated in a ‘Power of Pictures’ week which was linked to the Global Goals; the children talked actively about powerful pictures and the messages they were conveying about the world. 

Last term, Windhill21 is focussing on ‘No Poverty’ and ‘No Hunger’ - Global Goals 1 and 2. In class and in assembly, the children have explored the definition of poverty which is a complex one. Through this, the children have realised that poverty is closer to us than we think! The school is raising money for Oxfam and hope to be in town soon to actively raise money by selling their produce. 

The pupils wrote speeches connected to the Global Goals which were judged on World Speech Day; this initiative not only supports the understanding of the goals but supports the children’s presentation skills. The winners went through to an evening event held at the school to which many of the local community were invited.

In order to properly advertise and celebrate the achievements of the children, we have created a 'Changemakers' website documenting some of the things that the children  have been doing at home and in school to make a difference.

We are really excited about celebrating these changes and those children who are committed to making a difference. Please visit the website and get involved.