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Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21 Life at Windhill21
Learning for the 21st Century

France 2015

Friday morning:  We are on the road back home. A soporific lull of contentment hangs over the coach: some catching up on lost sleep; others indulging in a quiet game of Uno......

Thursday evening:  As I sit in the Chateau on the final evening of our French adventures, I reflect on an inspiring and rewarding week. What a great team we have been. The children, who are packed and showered, after a day crammed with activities, are participating exuberantly in a quiz. It is with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we prepare to leave the Chateau du Boutel with Nausicaa (Sea Life Centre) in Boulogne to look forward to tomorrow ….and of course..home.  A demain!  (There are more photos in the gallery).

Thursday morning:  Good morning from Chateau du Boutel!  Another good night's sleep setting us up for the day ahead.  A chance to practise more of our French today at the market and our culinary skills when making mayonnaise!  Everyone happy and enjoying themselves.

Wednesday evening:  The sun shone on the outdoor activities this morning and it was great to appreciate the beautiful grounds we were in.  After a hearty lunch, we went to the Chocolate Factory where Jacques ‘Chocolat’ added his own twist on the chocolate-making experience.  This was followed with the heart-warming trip to the goat farm where the children saw the working farm and brushed up their French with a goat’s cheese demonstration.  See more photos on Twitter.

Wednesday 7am:  The children slept well and some have even had to be woken after a busy day outside yesterday.  Activities at the Chateau along with a visit to a chocolate factory and goat farm lie ahead today.  Although there is no sun as yet, it's not raining!

Tuesday 6.30pm: The rain did not stop Windhill21 having a terrific day! A good night’s sleep was followed by a wealth of fascinating visits supporting our understanding about World War 1. First on the menu was a visit to Beaumont-Hamel where we walked through the trenches and no mans land followed by a moving visit to a German cemetery. The loss of life was breath-taking and the children were visibly moved. A visit to the museum in Albert really made life in the trenches and events in battle real; our guide was really impressive! I tweeted photos throughout the day. As I type this blog, the children are sitting around a campfire, marshmallows poised to toast before they turn in for the evening. À demain!

Tuesday 8.45am:  After a good night's sleep, everyone is now on the coach on their way to the battlefields.

Monday Evening:  After a seamless journey there were gasps of wonder when the children turned into Chateau du Broutel’s drive - although drizzly, it looked a picture. A few house rules from the organiser and a tour of the site followed by a three choice supper. Without a moment to spare, they were back to the rooms to spruce up for outdoor activities (well, a spot of pillow-fighting too – it would be rude not to!)You may mistakenly think they were dead on their feet after a long day travelling – how wrong you would be! Tomorrow’s visit to the Musee d’Albert and the Somme will be very poignant and moving! All will sleep well tonight. Follow our tweets as our journey unfolds.